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Huge Love for People


"I will always be there for you.  I will rejoice with you in your accomplishments and support you when you face struggles.

My family and circle of friends are very large; however, I pray that each of my family and friends will always feel very special to me and always a priority."

Cheerful, sensitive, and fun, Cherie is a highly patient and flexible person who focuses on building warm, considerate and ever-lasting relationships.  She finds it easy to work and relate to many different kinds of people.  She loves people and puts the needs of others as a top priority and looks forward to new opportunities to work together. 

In Her Words

Areas of Expertise

30 Years in the Banking Industry

Cherie’s 30 years of experience in banking includes Accounting, International Banking, and Commercial Banking.  Cherie held titles of AVP, VP, and Sr. Product Manager

Residential Real Estate

Whether buying or selling your home is your need, Cherie is the agent you can depend upon to assist.

Commercial Real Estate

Cherie's expertise in commercial real estate is in buying, selling and leasing buildings and warehouses


It has always been Cherie’s dream to have her own business.  She is in the process of making that dream come true. 

Giving Back To The Community

Cherie’s volunteerism has always been through her local church.  Cherie has organized Singles groups, was a Youth Director and Children’s Church Director for several years, and is currently organizing a widows support group 

Coming Back Stronger Than Ever 

Cherie is known for her positive attitude.  No matter the struggle, no matter how negative things might be, she always looks for the blessings amid the struggle.


Even though Cherie has gone through significant loss and heartbreak, she has always rebuilt and come back stronger with more love than ever.


Cherie’s faith is very important to her and has brought her through her struggles.  The Scripture verse she relies upon is:


Galatians 6:9  “And let us not get tired of doing what is right, for after a while we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t get discouraged and give up”


Never never give up today may be your day for a miracle!


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