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Cherie Young

Mom | Grandma | Steward of the Community | 

Real Estate Professional | Entrepreneur 

Cherie's career for over 30 years had been with the banking industry. After being laid off for the second time in banking, she realized that it was time for a change.  One day, she was driving around when she passed a bus with a realtor's ad. Right then, Cherie knew that real estate was the path for her.   Cherie loves the real estate business as it keeps her in touch with her huge circle of friends and still have some time for her family.  She is excited for her vision of even more new adventures.  

"I love being a homemaker, working with people,  sales and negotiating. I knew I would love to be my own boss and never have to worry about a company downsizing. I will say I’m so glad I decided to make that move. Being a realtor has brought me so much joy. There is nothing like seeing the excitement in a customer’s eyes when they find the home of their dreams."

Cherie's Passions

Cherie's passion is that she becomes an example of who and what she believes.  That she is a representative of the God, she serves.    She is passionate about her family, grandchildren, stepkids, siblings, nieces, and nephews.    She also feels that her home is a place of refuge for others who are hurting.  That her home would be a peaceful place for people to come to visit and heal through conversation or food and laughter.  Lastly, Cherie is passionate about her pets, including her chickens and dogs. 



Cherie’s love for people and hard-work ethic is her legacy. 

Both of Cherie's parents came from very challenging backgrounds. They decided that they would make a better life for their children from the start.

Her dad worked three jobs to provide for his kids and send them to private school. Her mom had strong secretarial skills but gave up her profession to raise the five kids. There were always chores that needed to be done, and Cherie’s parents showed their children the joy of seeing what hard work can accomplish.

They had a huge love for people.  Her mom would always say, “If you have not love, you have nothing.” 


Cherie can’t remember a time when there wasn’t someone who had fallen into hard times that her parents weren’t helping that person out, either bringing groceries, cleaning the house, or inviting them to dinner. 


Cherie's parent's background helped shape her into the person she is today. Now she is known for her hard-work ethic and compassion for others and understanding of different points of view. 

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